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It Takes a Shooter to Know a Shooter!

Precision benchrest & varmint bolt action gunsmithing by Bob White

Bob White, gunsmith and owner of The Shooters Corner, specializes in precision benchrest and varmint bolt action riflesmithing. For him, it's a passion that he's followed now for 50+ years and counting.

Bob has learned how to build and customize rifles for precision because he loves shooting and has always excelled at it. He's an experienced match shooter, big game hunter and shooting instructor, and his established expertise goes into every rifle he builds out. Learn more about Bob by clicking here.

There's More to Shooting Than Hardware

Benefit from the experience of a master marksman

When you get serious about your shooting, you'll want to find the best equipment for helping you shrink those groups and to help you reach out and touch your target at a distance. That's where The Shooters Corner comes in.

Our shop is loaded with the kind of rifles and accessories serious shooters dream about. It if sends lead downrange and does so with accuracy, we probably carry it. More importantly, our experienced staff knows just about all there is to know about benchrest and varmint shooting, so we'll be able to point you in the right direction for choosing the firearm that's right for you. And we can help you hone your skills.