V37 | $849

220 Swift Custom, Savage Mod 112 R/R action single shot, Shilen 25½" SS bbl .256 nk <300 rnds w/#7 taper 14" twist, McMillan benchrest model f-glass glue-in stock, Sharp Shooter Comp. 19oz trig, but will not permit use of safety, Inclu: custom made 1pc Kelbly type scope base, Gunsmith: Ulrich, VG+ cond. One accurate Varminter attractively priced. $849.

V126 | $799

223 Custom Varmint, Rem Mod 700 VTR single shot bbl action w/triangular bbl & fluted bolt; 22" bbl 1-12" twist <200 rnds; McMillan BR type f-glass stock w/pillar g-bedding, Red color; Factory 2lb trig w/o safety; VG cond. A good target/varmint rig at a good price. $799.

V192 | $795

308 Varmint Synthetic Model 700 converted to single shot (can be returned to repeater); New Rem 3 flute 20" varmint take-off bbl 1-12" twist; Varmint syn stock w/bedding block, Black w/Grey web; Rem converted 2 oz trig no safety; Includes: Oversize/surface ground recoil lug; custom bolt stop; Sako extactor; BR type dovetail scope bases; VG cond. Uncommonly accurate factory 308. $795.

V202 | $775

V202 | $775

308 Varmint SPS Syn. Remington 700 action; Factory 26" bbl, w/1-12 T, <30 rnds fired; Factory syn stock w/vented forend, factory bedding; Black; Factory trig; Includes: Recoil pad; New In orig bx/paper work. A chance for a varmint model no longer made. $775.

V203 | $1149

V203 | $1149

22-250 LH Varminter Rem 40X R/R action; Hart SS 26" bbl .1-14" T No turn neck <200 rnds; Custom LH thumbhole stock Lam Maple& walnut w/prof pillar.g-bedding, natural wood finish; Rem trig; Inclu: Weaver scope bases; Gunsmith: B. White; VG-Exc cond. This 14.5 lb rig has a nearly new premium bbl +comes w/load data. $1149.

V204 | $799

NIB Rem 700 SPS Varmint rifles 223, 243 & 308 calibers both RH & LH, matte black; Factory Varmint taper 26" bbl; Factory blk syn varmint w/vent cuts in forend; Includes blk rubber recoil pad; New In Box. Might be last chance for these items. $799. RH, $875 LH.

V210 | $950

V210 | $950

243 Sako Varminter Mod L579 Forester R/R action; Hvy factory blued 23½" bbl 1-10" T c.2-300 rnds; Factory checkered walnut stock; Natural; Factory trig; Inclu: 1" Redfield scope mnts About Exc cond. Handsome early varmint rig. $950.

V212 | Price on request

NEW Savage Mods, 12F class, 12LRPV in all cals, 12 Benchrest, Call for pricing on any models.

V216 | $2549 (Cost to build new $4000)

243 Ackley Stolle
Stolle polished Panda R/R; 5 Groove Hart 26" bbl 1-13" T No turn nk <300 rnds; Kelbly benchrest mod f-glass stock w/pillar g-bedding, Dk Red; Jewell 7 oz trig; Includes: 1 pc integral scope base; Gunsmith: Kelbly; Exc cond. A nearly new super varmint caliber piece or rechamber to 6BR. $2549.
(Cost to build new $4000.)

V217 | $1975

Cooper 22-250
22 Varminter R/R; Factory 24" Stainless bbl <200 rnds; Factory checkered walnut stock, Natural wood; Factory 2 ½ lb trig; Includes: Tally 1" scope mnts; Near Exc cond. A popular Cooper varmint caliber. $1975.

V218 | $1085

6BR Norma Varmint
Savage stainless Mod 12 long range Prec Varminter R/L Factory SS fluted 26" hvy bbl 1-8" T <200 rnds; Factory varmint syn composite stock w/pillar g-bedding, Black; Factory Accu type target 16 oz trig; Includes: Weaver scope bases; Gunsmith: B. White; ANIB. One very accurate factory long range piece. $1085.

V219 | $990

22 Hornet Ruger
Ruger Mod 77/22 R/R action; Factory/blued 20" bbl <100 rnds; Factory walnut stock; Factory 2lb 8 oz trig; Includes: Factory scope mnts; Tasco Pronghorn 4X32 scope w/duplex; 99% cond. An as new piece. $990.

V221 | $849

6PPC Varmint Special
Rem 700 R/R action w/single shot magazine follower; Hart 24" bbl 1-14" T .262 nk c..500 rnds; Factory wood pillar g-bedded stock w/black tips; Rem 1 ½ lb trig; Includes: Burris 1" scope mnts; Gunsmith: R.W. Hart; Exc cond. An uncommonly accurate varminter. $849.

V222 | $999

6BR Varmint/Target
Rem Mohawk 600 model R/R action w/silver coating, Sako extractor & custom bolt stop; Shilen 27" bbl 1-14" T .262 nk c.200 rnds; McMillain f-glass pillar g-bedded; Winchester Marksman style stock, Green w/Black swirls; After-market 5 oz trig; Includes: Redfield 1" scope mnts; Gunsmith: Robert J. Dodd; Near Exc cond. An accurate caliber in a moderate custom platform. $999.

V223 | $789

22-250 Varmint
Rem 700 R/R action; Shilen 26" hvy SS bbl 1-14" T no turn nk <500 rnds; Factory Varmint solid wood bolt-in stock; Rem 1 lb 1 oz trig; Includes: Redfield 1" scope mnts; Gunsmith: Unknown; VG cond. A varmint rig with good potential. $789.

V224 | $825

6MM Rem Varmint
Rem 700 R/R action; Shilen 28" bbl 1-12" T No turn neck c.450 rnds; Factory Rem varmint solid wood stock w/pillar g-bedding; Rem 2lb 14 oz trig; Includes:1" Redfield scope mnts; Gunsmith: Unknown; VG cond. Chance for a Heavy bbl Varmint at a bargain. $825.

V225 | $1199

Rem 40X 7MM Mag
R/R action; Factory SS 27½" bbl 1-9" T c.440 rnds; Factory solid wood bolt-in stock painted Green; Rem 5 oz trigger w/o safety; Includes: Redfield 1" scope mnts; VG cond. Semi-scarce cal in a 40X. $1199.

V226 | $649

6MM Rem Varmint
Rem Mod 722 R/R action; Rem 40X SS 27¼ bbl 1-12T, 1000 + rnds; Factory 722 solid wood stock; Rem 1lb 7 oz trig; Includes:1" Redfield scope mnts; Gunsmith: Unknown; VG-G cond. Varmint rig in good cal w/good components $649.

V227 | $749

220 Swift Ruger
Mod 77V R/R action: Factory blued 26" Varmint wt bbl 1-14" T c.150-200 rnds; Factory walnut stock w/red rubber pad, Natural finish; Factory crisp 2lb 12oz trig; Includes: Ruger 1" scope mnts, 1¼" sling w/detachable loops & Orig Owner's Manual; C.98% cond. Remarkable condition in & out considering age. $749. Reloads avail. @ + cost
(by reloading book editor).

V228 | $698

204 CZ Classic
Mod 527 Amer. Classic R/R action; Factory 22" bbl 1-10" T c.400 rnds; Figured Amer walnut stock w/factory bedded, Natural finish; Factory trig; Includes:1" Factory scope mnts, + detachable 5 rnd magazine; C.98% cond. Great varmint caliber. $698. Factory, hand loads, Components
& dies avail. @ + cost.

V229 | $1075

6 BR Norma Savage
Mod 12 LRPV R/L action; Factory SS fluted 26" bbl 1-8" T c.150 rnds; Factory composite syn stock w/g-bedding & bedding block, Black w/stippled surface; Custom after-market 1lb 11oz trig; Includes: Picatinny rail scope Base, short Picatinny rail 3" under forarm; Exc near new cond.
A sought-after caliber in a t Factory piece. $1075.

V230 | $1099

223 Weatherby Varmint
223 Rem cal Mod Mark V single shot R/R action; Krieger SS 26" Criterian (fluted) bbl <450 rnds; Factory syn (H&S Prec type) stock w/bedding block, Tan w/black webbing; Factory 2 lb trig; Includes: 1" Leupold type scope bases & recoil pad; About Exc cond. A great name in the sport & a hard to find model. $1099