F155.  6.5 Creedmoor Browning | $699

F155. 6.5 Creedmoor Browning | $699

Mod A-bolt III Composite Stalker RR action; Factory 26 bbl w/muzzlebrake.c.150 rnds; Factory Syn stock Black color; Factory 4 lb trig; Includes: Recoil pad, Picatinny Rail & detachable clip; 99% ANIB. Great caliber in orig box.

F1 | $3249 (cost to build new $7500)

F1 | $3249 (cost to build new $7500)

270 WSM Serengeti, Custom action styled after Mod 70 Pre-64, Model Montanan R/R; Match grade stainless 24" bbl, 1-10" T <40 rnds; no turn neck; Glass bedded stock w/egg shell finish, lam walnut w/slight figure, Monte Carlo comb & checkering' Factory 3lb trig; Inclu; Warne 1" scope mnts, all metal coated for corrosion protection non-glare; Gunsmith: Serengeti Custom Rifles; 99% cond. Great opportunity/price on premium custom rifle.

F7 |  $999

F7 | $999

7MM Wby Mag, Sporter model Mark V; Factory 23½" bbl <150 rnds; Factory 2lb 4oz trig; Includes: Redfield 1" scope mnts; G to VG cond. A sound Mark V showing about normal use signs for age.

F43 | $225

30-06 Enfield Sporter, Model 1917 US Enfield Orig military 21½" bbl & receiver w/Parkerized finish, 1-10"T; bore scoped somewhat rough but usable; Solid wood Military stock shortened to sporter length & refinished; Issue trig; Includes: Military sling; G cond. An inexpensive big game rifle/caliber.

F70 | $775

F70 | $775

12 Ga Ithaca O/U, SKB (Japan) for Ithaca Mod 500; Factory 28" full & mod bbl, w/vent rib; Checkered walnut stock; Gold Single Selective trig; Includes: Fully engraved frame w/pheasant & duck; 97-98% cond. Handsome field grade piece nicely engraved, disc. '79.

F79 | $450

F79 | $450

300 WSM Savage, Model 11 FXP3; Factory 24" bbl <50 rnds; Factory black graphite/fiberglass composite stock; Factory 5½ lb trig; Includ: Bushnell 3-9X mounted scope; As new cond. Bargain priced rig for any animal in North America.

F87 | $750

F87 | $750

12 Ga BT 99, , Browning single shot action w/standard engraving; Factory 25½" bbl w/vent rib & screw-in choke tube; Factory walnut stock w/possible replacement buttstock showing nice figure; Factory trig; Includes: recoil pad LOP 14"l; About exc cond. Ideal beginner trap gun at very low $.

F90 | $999 (cost to build new $1700)

F90 | $999 (cost to build new $1700)

7MM Rem Mag Winchester, Model 70 action; Bartlien 26" bbl (28" w/Vias muzzlebrake) 1-10" T, c.350 rnds; H&S Prec composite stock w/g-bedding over Alum bedding block, black color; Timney 1lb 4oz trig; Includes: Burris scope bases, recoil pad; Williams 1pc bottom metal; VG-Exc cond. Good choice in a custom 7MM Mag.

F91 | $1049 (Cost to build new, $1870)

F91 | $1049 (Cost to build new, $1870)

300 WSM Winchester, Mod 70 action; Shilen SS 25" + 2" muzzlebrake bbl 1-9"T; <400 rnds; McMillan fglass stock w/pillar g-bedding, Black, w/checkering; Factory w/additional Rifle Basix enhancment 1lb 12oz trig; Includes: 30MM Burris Signature scope mnts, Vias muzzlebrake, Limbsaver recoil pad, Williams steel 1 pc bottom metal; Near Exc cond. Shoots Federal Prem 150 gr into 3/4" @ 100 yds.

F97 | $399

F97 | $399

30-06 Springfield, Springfield 1903 action; Douglas 24" 1.250-.935 bbl w/.890 for 1.5' back from muzzle bore scoped F-G; Custom walnut stock checkered at wrist; Issue trig; Includ: Both open rear sight & Lyman peep sight, sling loops, forward scope base holes in receiver ring; About VG cond. Chance for a heavy bbl custom Springfield 1903.

F107 |  $695

F107 | $695

Charles Daly Trap; 12 Ga. Superior single bbl, 34" bbl w/vent rib; Factory checkered walnut, Natural wood stock; About exc cond. Comb of Stock may have been altered & refinished. A seldom seen single barrel trap.

F108 | $275

12 Ga. S/S Double Shotgun, US Arms Co. Riverhead, NY; Factory 28" bbl w/good bores; Orig checkered walnut stock w/developing crack behind side locks; Double triggers; Metal 65% Stock 65% cond. Lock up seems tight. Needs a bit of TLC.

F115 | $125

F115 | $125

10 Ga. Single Barrel, Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, semi hammer less (ring trigger) Model; 28" Factory Brown bbl maybe twist steel; 2pc Walnut stock w/wrist wire wrapped where split & repaired; Complete - operative somewhat rough cond. Try to find another one.

F123 | $849 (cost to build new Over $2300)

F123 | $849 (cost to build new Over $2300)

260 & 280 Rem Custom Browning A bolt R/R action; 2 Shilen SS match bbl, 260 (22" X .840 muz) 1-9" T, 280 (24" w/muzzlebrake .695 Muz) 1-10" T both bbls 100 rnds; Ram-line syn stock w/pillar g-bedding; Black w/grey web; Factory 4lb trig; Include: Leupold 1" scope mnts & decelerator recoil pad; Gunsmith: B. White; Exc cond. Super value in 2 caliber piece.

F127 | $99

F127 | $99

16 Ga. Bolt Mossberg Mod 190; Factory 26" bbl; Solid walnut stock; Include: C-Lect adj choke, detachable magazine, recoil pad; G about 70% cond. O/A w/VG bore. Good beginner or backup piece --- also home protection.

F130 | $1940 (Cost to build new $3000)

F130 | $1940 (Cost to build new $3000)

2 Caliber Long Range 7MM Mag & 30-338 action PAS Mod SLV R/R; Shilen 7MM 27" bbl, 1-11" T no turn nk, c.2-300 rnds, 30-338 SS 26½" BBL by? 1-10" T no turn nk, c.150-250 rnds; Six f-glass stock w/pillar g-bedding; Blue; Canjar 1 lb trig; Include: Weaver scope bases + muzzle brakes on both bbls; Gunsmith: B. White; VG cond. One accurate long range 8.5 lb rig.

F132 | $295

1917 Enfield by Remington Sporter type R/R rifle; Issue 21" shortened bbl w/fair bore; Issue sporterized & refinished solid, Wood stock; Natural wood finish Issue trigger; Include: Issue type front sight; Fair to Good (headspace OK). Chance for a bargain 1917.

F133 | $949

45-70 Trapdoor Springfield Manf Springfield Armory Mod 1873 Issue 32⅝" barrel w/poor bore Issue rifle stock cut carbine size w/1 band. Refinished. No cartouche, Natural wood finish; Issue trigger; Includes: Orig issue sights, Refinished metal. Good representative piece or wall hanger.

F136 | $325

12 Ga. Fox B Double, Manu by Savage; 28" choked M&F w/fine bores & 2 ¾" chambers; Factory checkered walnut stock w/recoil pad which needs replacement; Double triggers; Includes: Slight etched & engraved area; C.80-85% O/A cond. Discontinued Nearly 35 yrs ago.

F139 | $749

Custom 257 Roberts Customized Japanese Mod 99 w/spoon type bolt handle; Douglas 20½" c.4-500 rnds; Walnut Mannlicher style stock w/standard wood bedding & fiddleback figured grain; Aftermarket 1 lb trig; Include: Weaver type 1" scope mnts, custom hinged trigger guard/floorplate; Gunsmith: Unknown; VG cond. An unusual piece for a specific buyer.

F142 | $825

30-06 Remington Mod 700 R/R action; Factory blued 22" bbl <80 rnds; Factory checkered walnut stock; Factory trig; Include: 1" tall Weaver type scope mnts; Exc cond. An earlier 700 probably from the '70's.

F143 | $875

.270 Remington Mod 700 R/R action; Factory blued 22" bbl w/o rear open sight <60 rnds; Factory checkered walnut stock; Factory trig; Include: 1" Weaver type scope mnts; Exc cond. Close to new condition used piece & a some what early one.

F144 | $1249.

Pre '64 Win 270 Win M70 Manf 1942; Factory 24" bbl, 1-10 T, bore scoped G-VG; Factory walnut stock w/unique deer prints impressed thru checkering; Factory trig; Include: Weaver type scope bases, bbl open sight missing; VG cond. Mostly original very desirable model.

F145 | $1449.

.243 Featherweight Win Mod 70 pre '64 Manu 1955; Factory 22" bbl, 1-10 T bore scoped exc; Factory walnut stock; Factory trig; Include: Unertl type scope bases; Exc cond. An original piece in c.97% condition.

F146 | $699

300 Win Mag Weatherby Vanguard VGX deluxe R/R action; Factory blued 24" 1-10" T <50 rnds; Hi gloss walnut stock w/great grain pattern plus Rosewood forend, tip & grip cap, factory minimal g-bedding, Natural finish; Factory trig; Include: Leupold1" scope mnts, rubber recoil pad; Near new cond. A handsome rifle suitable for any game animal in North America.

F147 | $110.

410 Single Shot Mod 358 Jefferson break-open action; Factory 26½" bbl w/3" chamber & Full choke w/VG bore; 2 pc solid wood stock; Natural finish; VG cond. Bargain priced youth or bargain piece.

F148 | $675.

12 Ga. Browning Auto 5 Manf FN; 26" bbl w/vent rib & cuts compensator & exc bore; 2 pc checkered walnut stock (could use refinish) Natural; Include: Williams open sights attached to vent rib (removeable) rubber recoil pad; C.75-80% cond. Likely a good field use piece or Slug gun.

F149 | $379.

12 Ga. Lefever SXS Model Nitro Special; 28" bbl w/near excellent bores; Factory walnut stock w/forend repair; Double triggers; C.70% O/A. Very sound w/tight lock up.

F150 | $2399.

12 Ga Beretta O/U Model Silver Pidgeon 1; 28" bbl w/vent rib, bores are mirror-like w/3" chambers; Factory checkered walnut stock w/Schnabel firearm, Matte Natural; Factory single trig; Include: Coin finish receiver, 2 screw-in choke tubes, Black recoil pad, 2 snap caps; Very Near New.

F153 | $1890.

270 Wby Mk V made in Germany R/R action; Factory 24" bbl <100 rnds; Factory skipline checkered Walnut w/prominent fiddleback + rosewood tips, Natural wood; Factory 3 lb 11 oz trig; Include: 3-9 x 40 MM Leupold scope in Leup mnts & factory recoil pad; VG cond, bbl bluing a bit thin. An early piece you would be proud to own.

F154 | $175.

2 Ga Rabbit Ear Double J. Stevens Arms & Tool Mod 235; Factory fluid steel 30" bbl w/somewhat rough bores; Factory checkered hardwood stock; Natural finish; Double trig; Good cond. Sound wood w/tight lock up. Suspect one of last hammer models made by Stevens.