R34 | $495

R34 | $495

Ruger 10/22 Int'l. Mod International ('65); Factory 18" bbl, <300 rnds; Factory slightly figured walnut full length stock; Factory trig; Include: Dovetail type 1pc scope base; 97-98% cond. No longer offered w/stock to muzzle + all original cond.

R60 | $549

R60 | $549

22 S-L-LR Winchester, 1906 Slide action) Prof reblue); Factory 20" rnd bbl, very rough bore; Factory refinished walnut stock w/non-grooved forearm; Refinished c.97% cond. Manf. 1909 w/all markings clearly visable.

R92 | $750

22 LR Win Mod 52 Pre-A M52 (Manf 1931) model

Factory 26½" bbl w/good bore; Orig walnut VG cond stock; Orig factory trig; Includes: Scope bases for external adj scopes plus Redfield aperture target sights.; 97-98% cond. Seems orig but wouldn't deny re-finish. $750.

R97 | $549

22 LR British Trainer 1941 Manf bolt action, SMLE III Lithgow model;

Factory 25¼" bbl w/military sights; Military SMLE type solid wood stock; Orig factory trig; Includes: Brass buttplate, G+ cond w/usual stock dings no cracks. Add this one to your collection

R98 | $450

R98 | $450

22 LR Walther Model DSM 34 (I believe); Factory 25¾" bbl w/VG bore; Military hardwood type stock; Factory trig; Includes: Grooved receiver for scope mounting +4 plugged holes for scope side mount; upper part of bolt handle altered to clear mounted scope. (I believe); G cond. Single shot, military stock & tarngent sight.

R99 | $595

22 LR Mauser Single Shot Mkd "Mauser Werke A.G. Oberndorf"

Factory 27" blued hvy contour bbl w/tangent rear & hooded front sight, unique boltface & bbl machining allows center located firing pin to strike rim of ctg.; Factory solid wood (w/Mauser Imprint) Sporter type stock w/extraswivel stud installed, Natural color; 97% cond; Factory trig; Includes: Receiver grooved for target rear sight or scope mnts; C.96-97% cond; European manf 22 seldom found in US.



22 LR Bolt Shotgun Ranger Model 103-8; Factory 24" bbl, w/VG bore; Solid wood stock; Factory trig; Include: Forward bbl bead; VG cond c.90-92%. This is a hand cocked single shot piece manf in TX until early '70's. $395.

R111 | $79

R111 | $79

22 LR BSA Bbl Receiver Martini-Int'l Mk II single shot action; Factory 29" (1.250-.870) bbl w/G bore; Exterior c.70%-80%. This is a stripped bbl receiver ONLY.



6.5 X 55 Long Range Stolle Long Atlas single shot R/R action; Krieger.28" #7 contour bbl 1-8" T

R115 | $1399 (cost to build new $2700)

R115 | $1399 (cost to build new $2700)

308 F-Class Stolle Grizzly II repeater R/R w/no eject; Krieger.30" bbl 1-14", c.6-800 rnds; Kelbly f-glass Klub stock, Black; Timney 6 oz trigger; Includes: Kelbly scope bases, side draft muzzlebrake & recoil pad; Gunsmith: Kelbly; VG-Exc cond. Custom long-range rig attractively priced.

R117 | $179

22 S-L & LR Stevens Mod 56C clip fed bolt action

Factory 24" blued bbl; Walnut stock; Includ: drill & tap for scope side mnt; factory open target sights, leather sling; Near Exc cond. "Stevens Buckhorn Rifle" on underside of bbl.

R119 | $249, (Cost new $343.)

Umarex 22 PCP Air Rifle Gauntlet Model

Orig factory 28" bbl; Factory syn stock; Includes: Adj stock comb & dovetail mounting rail; Exc. cod. Offers performance of $1000. + PCP's at ¼ of the price

R120 | $60

Winchester BB/177 Pistol Mod 11 CO2 Semi-Automatic blow back action

Brown composite grips; Trigger w/trigger block safety; Includes: 16 shot clip, 8 ½" O/A, styled as Govt 45 auto; Exc cond. Great plinking piece

R121 | $45.

Winchester BB/177 Pistol Mod 11 CO2 Semi-Automatic blow back action

Smooth bore steel bbl; Brown composite grips; Trigger w/trigger block safety; Includes: 16 shot clip, 8 ½" O/A, styled as Govt 45 auto; Exc cond. Left side (snap in) grip missing but usable as is

R122 | $450

.177 Walther Air Pistol Mod LP2; 9½" bbl

Factory shaped break open single shot; checkered black plastic grips; Includes: target sights; Exc cond. Single shot pneumatic using linked lever around trig & grip. Manf. 1967-72

R123 | $229

Crossman PCP Air Rifle .177 cal

Mod 1701P mkd silhouette single shot bolt action, 8.75 rifled steel bbl, Lothar Walther choked & shrouded; 2 stage adj trigger; Includes: Dovetail mounting rail scope base; Exc cond. Mfg. 2012-Present.

R125 | $495. (Blue Book value @ $675.)

.177 Beeman Air Rifle; Mod R1 (San Rafeal address) break bbl w/spring piston cocking action

19.3" bbl (1000/650 fps); Beech Monte Carlo style stock: Factory adj trigger; Includes: Dovetail grooved receiver scope base; c.95-96% cond. Mfg in Germany - First spring piston airgun to reach 1000 fps.

R126.| $175.

177 RWS Diana Air Rifle Mod 34

19.75" bbl; Solid wood stock; 2 stage adj trigger; Includes: 1" scope mnts; Exc cond. W/O orig sights.

R128 | $259.

Feinwerkbau Target Air Pistol .177 cal Mod 2 CO2 single shot

Factory 10" bbl; 2 pc target wood grips; Factory trigger w/adj finger piece; adj target sights; VG cond w/normal wear on sharp edges& grips. First CO2 pistol by FWB

R135 | $1049

22 LR Cooper M36; Factory 18" bbl bore scoped Good

Factory syn stock w/cheekpiece for RH use, some factory bedding, Black stippled surface; Jewell 3 lb 6 oz trig; Includes: Redfield 1" (2pc) scope, Mnts & 4 detachable magazines; VG/Exc cond. The trigger is priced @ $400.- if you can find one. $1049.

R130 | $239

Ruger Bolt Action 22 LR Mod American R/R action;

Factory blued 22" bbl; Factory synthetic stock, black; Factory trig; Includes: 1" scope rings, Picatinny rail & detachable 10 shot rotary magazine; Near New condition A well-appointed target or hunting piece. $239.


Kimber Target 22 LR Mod 82 Govt R/R action

Factory.25" hvy contour bbl w/